Včerja smo odprli razstavo o preteklosti kolesarstva v ljubljanskem kafiču Bi-Ko-Fe; trajala bo do 15.10.2014

V času trajanja razstave smo pripravili več spremljevalnih dogodkov. Prvi se bo zgodil jutri:

Sobota 20.09. od 10:00 do 16:00, trgovina Pici Bici na Celovški cesti 50.

Kolesa na razpolago:
Bombtrack Arise - 1x - M velikost, 1x L velikost
Surly Straggler - 1x - S velikost
Bombtrack Divide - 1x - L velikost
Surly Ogre - 1x - L velikost

Za rezervacije ter več informacij nam pišite na info@pici-bici.com, ali pa se jutri oglasite v trgovini kjer bo možna testna vožnja tudi brez rezervacije - če le ne bodo vsa kolesa že oddana.

Se vidimo!

Ostali dogodki:
20.9. testni dan SURLY in BOMBTRACK
25.9. filmske projekcije
3.10. Šišenski ALLEYCAT
5.10. TCE #7: La Doyenne
9.10. potopisno predavanje
15.10. zatvoritev
16. 10. Dan odprtih vrat

A couple of weeks ago, a few friends gathered up and rode the highest paved road in Slovenia. Despite the bad weather it was an amazing experience to ride in those beautiful surroundings. Next year we’ll do it again!

More photos HERE.

Last week, the biggest bike show on the planet happened again in Friedrichshafen - Germany. We were there for three days and even if it was not nearly enough to see everything we are satisfied with our visit. We talked to a bunch of great people, some of them we work with already…like Manuel from Bombtrack and all the guys from Traffic distribution, Louis from BLB, Gyorgy from Csepel Royal and the list goes on. It was great to see you guys and we can’t wait for the next time! And we spoke to a lot of great people that we hope to work with in the future, but more about that on some other occasion!

Among all the companies there were a few favorites as we were really impressed with their progress and attitude. Thank you guys from Surly, All City, Blackburn, Wit Industries, Cinelli, Bombtrack, Chris King, BLB…you are the reason that the cycling industry doesn’t become boring! Also thanks to Greg Falski, Mate Horvath, Kelli Samuelson, Olaf, Levi, Manuel, Fabian…for partying with us! We probably forgot to mention someone and we are sorry for that…alcohol does that to your memory.

There are a lot of photos in the gallery on our Flickr and we will add more in the next few days, so be sure to check it out once in a while. CLICK HERE

See you next year Eurobike!

1. Alvin’s Beautiful Day - Such an awesome video! It makes me want to do the same, bomb the city streets on my track bike and than just change it with the road bike and head into the nature. On the side note: I think that this is what it looks like when Pici Bici Klemen gets on a bike #rajzhalwayssmiling

2. Alex Gonzalez + BreakBrake17 - I missed this kind of videos lately…fast brakeless street riding with a few tricks once in a while! Alex Gonzales is keeping it simple with his awesome BreakBrake17.

3. The Cyclocross Meeting Trailer - This one is oooold, but everything related to cyclocross is good in my books! And if it involves Brian Vernor even more so. #crossiscoming

4. Pure Sweet Hell, a cyclocross film - Trailer - And another one from Vernor…not much to say.

3. More Than Stores - Episode 3 - Golden Saddle - It’s no secret that we love GSC, this shop is one of our mayor inspirations, and this video explains just why.

It’s been a while since the four of us took some time away from the shop and decided to go on a bike trip. So when the opportunity arose in the first week of August, we had to take it. The plan was to head towards the Croatian Istria, which is what we always do, but the weather somehow disagreed….

Read more about our recent trip and check out a bunch of photos on the link below!