We are going on a bike trip tomorrow, and therefore our shop will be closed for a week. That is from the 26th of July until the 4th of August. But before we go, there are still some things to take care of, and one of them is the weekly video roundup!

1. Build. Ride. Sleep. Repeat. - This is a nice representation of a Finnish frame builder, riding his bikes. Not much to say about this one really.

2. Breaking: Tour De France On Hold As Cyclists Ride Over To Creek To Check Out Bugs - There are a lot of jokes about le Tour when it’s on the calendar but this one is by far the best! I love the part where Roche sees a weird frog - wrong drugs?

3. Peter Sagan *sunroot - Ok so you have the whole peloton of pro cyclists, and than you have Sagan. You can either hate him or love him, but dude has some skills on a bike that most of us will never have! Admit it!

4. Melburn Roobaix 2014 - A Sunday in Hell - Don’t know who decided to use one of Kanye’s songs for an event as good as this, but if you forget about the music, the video looks great! This is one of the best tributes for the Paris - Roubaix classic out there(the only one better being the one from The Classics Experience off course!) and I would love to take part once!

5. Copenhagen bike messengers - freedom and friendship - It’s Jumbo!! Lately there seems to be less and less focus on the bike messenger scene, so it’s always nice seeing a video like this!

This Friday was a bit busy so we’re posting the video roundup with a one day delay!

1. Out There - Meet the rangers - As I said before, the great divide route is in my opinion, one of the best cycling challenges in the world…so it’s hard to make a video about it that sucks. And in fact this one is pretty good at not sucking…long live the great divide rangers!

2. Hunt 4 - Because of the gravel grinder vibes getting more and more popular, big companies started to invest a lot of time into bikes made especially for that. I like it when a big company like Specialized decides to involve some “random” dudes into the process. The bikes in this video look sick and I would love to ride one some day…

3. Last minutes with ODEN - Yeah I know that this video is old news, but i always enjoy watching it and it’s too good not to share! Thanks to Uroš for reminding me about this one!

4. Ulterazione : Dario Pegoretti - Dario Pegoretti is an amazing frame builder and his bikes are one of the most recognisable ones in the world. This video is an insight into the Pegoretti factory and it shows us a few beautiful machines, worth watching!

5. Distance Over Time - Vimeo selected this one as a staff pick, so you know it’s good! It definitely got me thinking about life and that we should enjoy it as much as possible….also, I’m not riding my bike enough.

There is a lot of stuff happening this summer, even with the bad weather. We are really happy with the goldsprints and the castle hill climb event that we organised, it gave us a lot of inspiration for future projects…but for now we are focusing on making our shop even nicer so that you can enjoy hanging out with us even more. This does not mean that there are no events in the close future…on the 2nd of August we will all be at the “path of the lost” ride, which is organised by The Classics Experience project, so if you are into gravel riding with friends, you’re very welcome to join us! More informations about it HERE.

Next on the list is the ride to Rezija, which is organised by the RR Gentlemans Cycling Club , it’s something that we are really looking forward to, as it is a project that we fully support and highly encourage people to realise this kind of ideas! The trip is happening from the 15th until the 19th of August. For more informations go to this LINK.

And the third big event in August is Eurobike, we are not sure yet how many of us are going, but we will for sure be there, so you can expect some reports and maybe some new deals on our site when we come back!

Also, we are closing the doors of our shop for one week in July. This year was really busy for us and we miss riding our bikes, so we are planning a bit of bike touring to clear our heads. We will post more about this on our Facebook page and here, when more details are going to be known!

1. The Rapha Continental: Yorkshire - With Le Tour starting in England, Rapha picked just the right time fo publish this video. Nothing new here really, just another breathtaking Rapha Continental video with great scenery and beautiful editing!

2. Lucarelli & Castaldi & LeMond - How cool is Greg LeMond?! #becausefrance

3+4. Maraton Alpe 2014 - Gornji Grad 4 + Gornji Grad 5 - This video shows just about everything that’s wrong with “pro” cycling. Spoiled young “pro” gets upset because he couldn’t pick up his water bottles, and as if that is not enough, he also holds on to the motorist to chase back the front group! There is no place for this kind of douchebags in cycling! #bidonsarebottles

1. Tim Krabbé – Riding - This video is a great insight into the thinking of an ex bike racer that found his old love once again. Tim Krabbé is also a writer and I have to get my hands on the book he wrote; The Rider!

2. HORACE AND THE ROUGH STUFF FELLOWSHIP - I love this video, though I have to say that the whole scenario is a bit confused. Iceland sure looks like a lot of fun!

3. A BRILLIBRILLIANT/UNICORN RACING DREAM - I saw this one a while ago but it went out of my head, out of all the team presentation videos this one is by far the best. I don’t know if it’s a joke or not because of the people involved in this team but nonetheless I like our Austrian neighbours.

4. Poler Outdoor Stuff Introduces: Le Tente ! - OK OK OK this is not bike related but it’s fucking awesome! And Poler is an awesome company that has great commercials, the weekend is here and you should all get your #campvibes going!