1. Alvin’s Beautiful Day - Such an awesome video! It makes me want to do the same, bomb the city streets on my track bike and than just change it with the road bike and head into the nature. On the side note: I think that this is what it looks like when Pici Bici Klemen gets on a bike #rajzhalwayssmiling

2. Alex Gonzalez + BreakBrake17 - I missed this kind of videos lately…fast brakeless street riding with a few tricks once in a while! Alex Gonzales is keeping it simple with his awesome BreakBrake17.

3. The Cyclocross Meeting Trailer - This one is oooold, but everything related to cyclocross is good in my books! And if it involves Brian Vernor even more so. #crossiscoming

4. Pure Sweet Hell, a cyclocross film - Trailer - And another one from Vernor…not much to say.

3. More Than Stores - Episode 3 - Golden Saddle - It’s no secret that we love GSC, this shop is one of our mayor inspirations, and this video explains just why.

It’s been a while since the four of us took some time away from the shop and decided to go on a bike trip. So when the opportunity arose in the first week of August, we had to take it. The plan was to head towards the Croatian Istria, which is what we always do, but the weather somehow disagreed….

Read more about our recent trip and check out a bunch of photos on the link below!



The weekly video roundup is here after one week of silence, as we took a week away from work and did some bike touring!

1. Cycling Finnmark Trailer - After returning from a bike trip, this video brings back some nice memories. The scenery looks amazing, but the harsh weather conditions had to make it a rough ride for these guys every once in a while. Can’t wait to see more!

2. The Road to Mont Blanc - Trailer - If I remember correctly, Mavic did a series of films last year that had a similar concept like this one. If this proves to be as good as those films did, it’s gonna be a blast! One way or another, 1000km traverse of the Dolomites, Eastern Alps and Swiss Alps featuring 21 mountains and 23,000 metres of elevation sounds promising!

3. Galibier: An act of adoration - Galibier…the infamous mountain that should bring up thoughts about the Tour de France in every cyclist. Bike Radar did a great job with this presentation, and it put Galibier even higher on my to do list!

4. Seabase - Galibier - I didn’t plan to post this one at all, mostly because everyone has probably seen it before. But after watching the Galibier presentation for another time, I just couldn’t stop thinking about Patrick Seabase and this video. This is a MUST WATCH for every track bike enthusiast!

5. Troy Brosnan | Fun Can’t Make You Faster - If anyone thinks that we started riding our bikes when the fixie scene happened, you’re terribly wrong. We were all deeply into the MTB and BMX scene, way before we opened the Pici Bici shop, so track and road bikes were just like some kind of a progress. Even if we don’t post a lot of MTB videos these days, we didn’t forget our history, and seeing such an inspirational video every now and then sure makes me want to go shred some trails!

6. Thereabouts #1 - And now for something entirely different! OK not so different, but way longer than the rest of the stuff we are posting… Professional road cyclist Lachlan Morton goes on a incredible bike trip with his brother Gus, and this film happens. I don’t know why the video has a password since it’s published almost everywhere, but if you happen to have 50 minutes of spare time, watching this is how you should spend them! PASSWORD: thereabouts

We have just received a lot different kinds of bar tapes from the legendary Italian company Ambrosio. They are all great quality and come in a lot of different variations. Come by our shop to check them out!

We are going on a bike trip tomorrow, and therefore our shop will be closed for a week. That is from the 26th of July until the 4th of August. But before we go, there are still some things to take care of, and one of them is the weekly video roundup!

1. Build. Ride. Sleep. Repeat. - This is a nice representation of a Finnish frame builder, riding his bikes. Not much to say about this one really.

2. Breaking: Tour De France On Hold As Cyclists Ride Over To Creek To Check Out Bugs - There are a lot of jokes about le Tour when it’s on the calendar but this one is by far the best! I love the part where Roche sees a weird frog - wrong drugs?

3. Peter Sagan *sunroot - Ok so you have the whole peloton of pro cyclists, and than you have Sagan. You can either hate him or love him, but dude has some skills on a bike that most of us will never have! Admit it!

4. Melburn Roobaix 2014 - A Sunday in Hell - Don’t know who decided to use one of Kanye’s songs for an event as good as this, but if you forget about the music, the video looks great! This is one of the best tributes for the Paris - Roubaix classic out there(the only one better being the one from The Classics Experience off course!) and I would love to take part once!

5. Copenhagen bike messengers - freedom and friendship - It’s Jumbo!! Lately there seems to be less and less focus on the bike messenger scene, so it’s always nice seeing a video like this!